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Electrical Spares Parts

We take pride to introduce ourselves as one of the Eminent Engineering Products manufacturing company, located in India. We are engaged in the manufacturing of superior quality transmission line hardware products, conductor accessories. Our product range can be obtained as per different technical specifications. We are a reputed dropout fuse and circuit breaker manufacturer. In addition to it, our fame amongst the booming Conductor Accessories Exporters from India is highly appreciated across the globe.

We always keep customer’s specific need vis-à-vis design, strength etc. in mind and serve them in accordance of the same. All our customers praise us for timely deliveries of the finest products. We use different types of fine material in the manufacturing of our products. Our motto is to deliver only unsurpassed products and that too beyond the customers’ expectation.

Pole Line Hardware

G.I. PinGet Quotation

G.I. Pin

GI Pin for InsulatorGet Quotation

GI Pin for Insulator

Insulator Hardware

Suspension ClampGet Quotation

Suspension Clamp

Single Tension StringGet Quotation

Single Tension String

Suspension ClampGet Quotation

Suspension Clamp

Suspension ClampGet Quotation

Suspension Clamp

Suspension ClampGet Quotation

Suspension Clamp

Conductor Accessories

Compression ConnectorGet Quotation

Compression Connector

Copper LugGet Quotation

Copper Lug

Helically Formed Products

Insulator Hardware Fittings

LT-HT Line Hardware

LT Stay SetGet Quotation

LT Stay Set

HT Stay SetGet Quotation

HT Stay Set

Shackle StrapGet Quotation

Shackle Strap

D ShackleGet Quotation

D Shackle

Clamps and Connectors

P.G.ClampGet Quotation


AB Cable Accessories

Anchor ClampGet Quotation

Anchor Clamp

Service Anchor ClampGet Quotation

Service Anchor Clamp

Suspension Clamp for Overhead Lines

11 KV T&C Type Insulator Hardware For 45 KN

33 KV B&S Type Insulator Hardware For 70 KN

Double Suspension Insulator Hardware

Double Tension Insulator Hardware

Grounding Clamp

Grounding ClampGet Quotation

Grounding Clamp

Pg Clamp For Acsr Zebra

Aluminium Splice

Aluminium SpliceGet Quotation

Aluminium Splice

New Items

Socket ClevisGet Quotation

Socket Clevis